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About Us

Cornerstone Academy opened in 2000 as the result of its founders’ search for innovative solutions that would meet the academic needs of today’s families. We explored the natural connection between church, school, and home, and discovered a way to weave these ancient pillars of community together. Our combination of home study and classroom study comprises an educational model that allows parents a high level of responsibility for their children’s education through partnership with seasoned professionals. Thus, each child’s individual needs are met, and parents enjoy greater support and accountability in the process.



At Cornerstone Academy, we are . . .


A Community of Faith :

The first priority among our families is the unity we share as followers of Christ. We represent many different churches and denominations but we agree on the essentials of the historic Christian faith and the supremacy of Jesus Christ. At Cornerstone we believe that education cannot be separated from our Christian faith and seek to incorporate a Biblical worldview into all aspects of the education process. In addition to studying the Bible and memorizing Scripture as part of the curriculum, students are taught to evaluate their experiences and learning in light of the Scriptures. Cornerstone faculty and staff also strive to reflect a biblical worldview by providing a clear model of Christian life and love in their relationships with students.


A Community of Family:

Each of the families at Cornerstone Academy has made a commitment to building and preserving a strong family unit. We encourage each other toward a strong sense of family identity and share common convictions on standards and methods for the moral training of children. We understand and appreciate the vital role that community plays in the deepening and grounding of that moral training in the hearts of children.


A Community of Academics:

Cornerstone Academy offers a full range of academic offerings including art, music, and languages, and emphasizes college preparatory studies in the Logic and Rhetoric schools. For Grammar students (K4-5th grade), in addition to a traditional 5 day school week, parents also have a 1 or 2 day home-study option to oversee instruction at home, with teacher-provided lesson plans, on Monday and Thursday.  Logic (grades 6-8) and Rhetoric students (grades 9-12) are on campus Tuesday through Friday and have the option to study at home on Mondays, overseen by parents following teacher-directed lesson plans. Monday school is available for Logic and Rhetoric students needing a 5-day schedule. Some scholarship students in all grades must attend school 5 days per week.

A Community of Athletics & Activities:

Cornerstone Academy offers a broad range of extracurricular athletics and activities sure to challenge, inspire, and equip your child to impact his or her world as a passionate disciple of Christ. Activities and athletics provide opportunities for students to discover and cultivate gifts and talents that support their relationships with God, family, and academics.