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Working at Cornerstone Academy

We believe that a solid education prepares our students to live a full and abundant life in Christ. Programs at Cornerstone Academy are designed to bring together opportunities for leadership development, academic growth and advancing a Biblical worldview. If you share our vision, download an application today!

Employment at Cornerstone Academy is open to qualified individuals who are Christians of good character, without regard or reference to race, gender, national or ethnic origin, color, age, or disability. Cornerstone Academy is a religious educational ministry, permitted to discriminate on the basis of religion. All prospective and current employees must agree with Cornerstone Academy's mission statement, and they must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with the school's statement of faith and the school's declaration and agreement to ethical and moral integrity. Federal law prohibits the employment of unauthorized aliens. All persons hired must submit satisfactory proof of employment authorization and identity within three (3) days of being hired. Failure to submit such proof within the required time shall result in immediate employment termination.

Job Opportunities

Cornerstone Academy seeks to recruit and retain the very best candidates to join our exceptional faculty and team in serving the needs of our students and our school. We believe that every employee plays a critical role in educating our students, whether they work inside or outside of the classroom.

For more information about Cornerstone Academy employment opportunities, you may use the faculty directory to contact the individual in charge of a particular division of the school, or call 352.378.9337. Please email all Employment Applications to