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  • Logic & Rhetoric Announcements 4/30 - 5/3

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    We often face situations where we must make a choice on how we treat people. Do you stand up for those that are being teased or bullied? You would be amazed how these gentle acts and kind words affect people.  Think about the times you felt alone, and someone said something nice. How about the times you were sad, and a friend encouraged you?  Logic and Rhetoric school can be difficult, and your gentleness can be such an encouragement.  While some people may think you are crazy for speaking kindly of people or avoiding gossip and unkind words, God knows that your actions come from a gentle heart. It's not always easy to be gentle. Sometimes we get angry or selfish but allow God to change your heart from those selfish ways to put you in the other person's shoes. Allow your heart to be moved so that it becomes gentler over time.  If gentle isn't easy, it may just take some practice. But also remember, gentleness is often contagious, and it finds ways to pay itself forward. 

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Cast of Willy Wonka Jr! What an amazing performance! Bravo! 

    Today, the Varsity soccer teams will be playing at Eastland. The girls game is at 4:30 the boys is at 6.   

    This Thursday is our final High School and 8th grade Bible Studies for the year.  If you have been regularly attending the study, you may wear pajamas to school on Thursday since we will be enjoying breakfast for lunch that day during our study.  Please remember that you need to follow Cornerstone rules for your pajamas. 

    Congrats to our Middle School boys’ soccer team who were undefeated in conference play.  So, they will be playing 2-game semi-final match against Citrus Park, with the winner of those two games advancing to the State tournament next Tuesday.  Please plan to come out this Thursday to cheer them on when they play at 5.  They will play on Friday at Citrus Park at 4. 

    Congrats to Cassidy Burdge who placed 2nd in high jump at Regional's.  She will be competing in the FHSAA Class 1A State Championships on Saturday.  Please be praying for her.   

    During lunch, Mrs. Livingston will be selling the extra concessions from Willy Wonka until it is gone.  No drinks are available, it is only candy.  Most items are $1, and pretzels are 2 for $1.   

    Today is our last Chapel.  Thank you Mr. Wyatt for serving as our Chaplain this year and for all your hard work to help us study God’s Word.  Thank you Mrs. Cook and Ms. Rivenbark and all the students who served on the Praise team for helping us to worship God through music.     

    Livingston’s Life Lesson – The purpose of life is a life of purpose.   

    Please make sure that you are putting all backpacks, bags, etc in your cubbies.  Per the Fire Marshall, we cannot have anything on the ground between the cubbies and the wall.   


  • Logic & Rhetoric Announcements 4/16-4/20


    Secondary Announcements 

    This month we are focusing on self-control and gentleness.  Last week we talked about the definition of self-control and gentleness.   

    John the Baptist was a fiery preacher, yet he had true gentleness when he said, “[Jesus] must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30). 

    This afternoon, please come out and cheer on the soccer teams at Countryside.  Middle school plays at 3:30, Varsity Girls at 4:45, and Varsity Boys at 6:15. 

    Tomorrow and Thursday 6th thru 8th grade will be taking the IOWA Tests from 8 – 12.  Please try to be here by 7:45 because the tests will begin promptly at 8.  Please remember to be quiet in the halls.  These tests are very valuable both to you as a student and to the school.  For 6th graders, this test could make you eligible to participate in the Duke TIP Program.  For 7th and 8th graders, taking these standardized tests will continue to prepare you well for your SAT and ACT tests.   

    If you ordered lunch pail for Wed and Thurs, please pick them up after testing as you are leaving school. 

    9th and 10th graders, please make sure that you have turned in your permission slips for what you will be doing on Wed and Thurs.  We hope our 11th & 12th have great college visits.   

    This Thursday is Senior Night for our soccer teams.  Middle School plays at 4, Varsity Girls play at 5:15, and Varsity Boys at 6:45.   

    This Friday there is no school since it is Good Friday.  On Friday, the Middle School Track & Field team will compete at Santa Fe High School Raiders in the Middle School Invitational. 

    Livingston’s Life Lesson: Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.   

    We hope you have a good Holy Week and a Christ-centered Resurrection Sunday.  Hallelujah!  He is Risen! 


  • Logic & Rhetoric Announcements 4/23 - 4/26

    Secondary Announcements 

    Gentleness almost sounds like something we could do on our own. Most mothers are gentle with their infants, caring for and nurturing them. But biblical gentleness doesn't mean acting in a tender and soft way, or even controlling physical strength for the benefit of another. To be gentle is to have a humble heart and peaceful mind and to submit wholly to God's plan. 
    The gentleness in the New Testament is closely related to wisdom and spiritual growth. Galatians 6:12 Timothy 2:25; and 1 Peter 3:15 all use gentleness to describe the way we are to correct or teach others. We are to submit our strength, including the strength of our convictions, to God's wisdom. We are to teach only God's point of view, not our own. And we are to accept that God's actions toward ourselves and others are the right actions, even when human wisdom thinks otherwise. 

    Please take a minute today and look at the bulletin board outside Mrs. Cook’s office.  It has practical applications for gentleness and self-control.  Thanks Mrs. Guillot for making us fabulous bulletin boards all year and for helping to guide us to put our faith into action.   

    The question then, is, “How can we be gentle and self-controlled in competition? In athletics? In auditions?” The truth is Christians should look different than the world and this only happens when we approach competitive environments gently and with self-control. Yes! We can “Go Hard” and play to win. But believers need to have gentle thoughts, words, tone, intentions, and actions.  

    Today is the last boy’s Varsity home game at 5 against Life Christian.  Please come out and cheer on the Cougars. 

    Wed morning (7:30 – 8), all Rhetoric students are invited to have donuts with our Young Life crew in Room 220B.   

    Willy Wonka week is finally here.  Our cast has done a wonderful job preparing and we can’t wait to see the final production.  Please invite your friends and family to come out and see it.  The shows are Thursday and Friday at 7, and Saturday at 2 and 5.  $5 for students on Thursday and Saturday at 2PM. (Otherwise, students are $7.) PS – Faculty and staff can attend for free.  

    This Saturday is Regionals for Track and Field.  Cassidy will be competing in the high jump and Maliyah will be competing in shot put.  Please pray for them. 

    If anyone is interested in serving with Student Government next year, please see Mrs. Cook or Mrs. Livingston.   

    Livingston’s Life Lesson from Francis Chan– Our greatest fear should not be a failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.   

    Push hard!  Finish strong!  The end of the school year is quickly approaching.