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Our Mission

Our Mission at Cornerstone is to assist parents in providing an excellent classical education and in building Godly character founded on a biblical worldview resulting in passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Letter from the Headmaster

Casting a Vision or Following a Path

Being, by instinct, an engineer, business person, and a problem solver does not readily equip one to do much vision casting.  People like me see the world in which they live, and perhaps a few years into the future, but have a really hard time seeing over the horizon.  We know that as leaders we have a responsibility to provide guidance, direction, and goals that inspire those around them to invest into ‘a vision’, but how?

Years ago, I did catch ‘a vision’ cast by someone else.

Louisville, KY, the city of my birth, had something that was really appreciated by its citizens, very large natural parks.  The most beautiful park was Cherokee.  A wide stream ran the length of the park with large, very old trees all around.  In the spring of 1974 a tornado swept across the city, destroying houses and buildings, and the trees of Cherokee.  The destruction was almost total, nearly two thousand trees.  A small group of citizens organized an effort to replant the park.  They borrowed some words from an old Greek saying, “It is indeed a wise man who plants a tree under whose shade he will never sit.”  The effort was successful, the trees were replanted, and the words have stayed with me ever since.

Exceptional Academics

Our goal is to build up leaders with a resilient faith in Christ. We use the time-tested model of classical education to train students with the tools of logic and reasoning so they can influence their world for God's Kingdom.

Elite Athletics

Through a wide range of team sports, our student-athletes build strong relationships and gain a deeper understanding of how to apply academic and spiritual knowledge to everyday life.

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