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2023 Secondary Summer Culture, Reading and Math - SCREAM!

What is SCREAM?

The Summer Culture, Reading, English and Mathematics is a combination of reading, writing, and math activities for which you oversee your Upper School student during the summer months. When you return this completed form (one for each upper school student), your student receives a grade for each subject (mathematics, English, and Bible) based upon the rubric provided.


Studies have shown that home-based summer reading, writing and mathematics practice reduce student regression in those three core areas. This loss is further mitigated with parental involvement, and even more when that involvement occurs daily. SCREAM provides your child with a strong review of the previous year’s skills while helping them prepare for the year to come. For Logic and Rhetoric students, it involves reviews from the previous year’s mathematics materials as well as book reports from required readings in literature and living as a passionate disciple in today’s teen culture. SCREAM provides parents with the tools needed to help their child(ren) avoid the “summer slump” while providing flexibility for families that use the summers for family time and educational opportunities beyond what occurs in the classroom. We strongly suggest that parents read the same books their students are assigned to read and engage them in conversation about what you all are reading.